In this blog post (updated regulary), I will show a list of hardware, used at my home to automate things. I am not sponsered or so, but a lot of hardware is bought at AliExpress, Beaumotica and Robbshop.

Name of itemBought atComment
Netgear Orbi RBR53 Mesh systemBol.comRouter for my internet connection and very fast wifi connections through my complete house.
Synology DS412Bol.comUsed for data storage
Synology DS1010+SecondhandUsed for data storage and dockers
Homey (early 2016)SecondhandUsed to controll zigbee, z-wave and RF devices
iPad mini (1st generation)Coolblue.nlUsed for showing dashboard to controll items
Hue bridge 2.0 and lots of bulbsBeaumotica.nlIf it comes to light, nothing beats Philips Hue (except for the price )
Osram Smart+ plugsiBood.nlSome lights and devices are not smart, so I power them on or off using these zigbee plugs
Osram Smart+ outdoor plugsiBood.nlSome devices in my garden do not have any smart things, i.e. my garden-fontain. This device works with the zigbee protocoll.
Xiaomi Roborock S5AliExpress.comI don’t like vacuming my house by myself. So I have this nice robot.
Xiaomi Aqara door sensorsAliExpress.comZigbee door/window sensors. Very small battery driven sensors
Xiaomi Aqara temprature sensorsAliExpress.comZigbee temprature, humidity en pressure sensor
Xiaomi Aqara Shock sensorAliExpress.comZigbee shock sensor attached to my NAS. Bought it by mistake, but too nice for not using it 🙂
Xiaomi Aqara human motion sensorsAliExpress.comZigbee motion sensor
Philips Hue Motion sensorsBeaumotica.nlMotion sensors to fit in the Hue programm
Philips Hue outdoor Motion sensorBeaumotica.nlMotion sensor for outdoor use. Fits with the Hue programm.
Gira Senic friend of Hue SwitchesRobbshop.nlSwitches to use in home to controll lights just like with a normal switch.
KlikAanKlikUit doorbellPraxis.nlA simple wireless doorbell, but with RF connected with Homey.
Youless LS120Robbshop.nlNetwork attached device for reading my smart energie meter
Heiman smoke detectorsAliExpress.nlZ-wave smoke detectors
SonosMediamarkt.nlSonos sound system
Google home hubAlbertheinGoogle home hub for in my kitchen

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